‘Emotional Intelligence’ by Daniel Goleman

In schools, we are often taught that our intelligence is purely determined by how well we do on tests and exams. In reality, that is only one form of intelligence. As evident by the title, this book talks about another form of intelligence: emotional intelligence. The book provides various anecdotes from Goleman’s life where emotional intelligence has proved to be more important than IQ. Goleman illustrates how emotional intelligence has benefited people in different aspects of life: from being the CEO of a top company to a relationship with a partner. In addition to giving examples, the book provides ways to improve your emotional intelligence on a personal level as well as improve the emotional intelligence of a company as a whole and turn it into a success. It also provides ways to incorporate emotional intelligence into school curricula: something that may not be practical for school students, but can provide you with new ways of thinking and ideas for the future. Though not the easiest read due to its size and dullness of language at some parts, it is a very informative book and will get you thinking about psychology.

Image result for emotional intelligence by daniel goleman

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