YouTube: Not Just Cat Videos

YouTube has become an avenue not just for entertainment, but also for education. Several ‘YouTubers’ have used this platform to combine the breathtaking aesthetics of mathematics with the hypnotic effect visual media has— creating enthralling short videos.

As someone who professionally whiles away large amounts of time, lying on my bed, watching these clips, I would love to list a few of my favourite channels below.


But what is the Fourier Transform? A visual introduction

Exciting animations and elegant proofs— 3Blue1Brown creator, Grant Sanders, uploads videos weekly, ranging from ingenious solutions for some of the hardest competition problems to finding new, intuitive ways to approach topics we all study in high school . His simplistic style of teaching makes his content accessible to anyone who is eager to learn.

Must Watch: Essence of Calculus series

Think Twice

Visual Calculus: Derivative of sin(θ) is cos(θ)

Subtle colours and imaginative solutions — Think Twice takes the term visual media quite literally, using pure video to showcase radical ways of approaching popular problems. Lose yourself in the soothing music and watch shapes dance around your screen creating patterns you never knew existed.

Must Watch: Double pendulum | Chaos, Viviani’s theorem | Visualization + Proof

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