Careers in Computer Science

As one’s interest in Computer Science flourishes, one starts to consider the career aspects in regards to this practice which is always a great thing to consider as we continue on the road of life.

So, let’s look into some of the career paths that are centered in the world of Computer Science!

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology dives into all of our electrical storage that we use in many of our mobile technologies such as our laptops and phones!

Those who work in this field develop storage systems, websites, applications and more for companies/organizations. Generally, IT Specialists are in high demand for newer companies and even more so with growing ones.

So, if you like to kick-back while being critically challenged in the art of code-building and CS development, this career path may be for you!

  1. Information Security Analyst
    This specific career path combines the skills of Information Technology Specialists and Cyber-security.
    Those who work as an Information Security Analyst would be reporting on critical cyber-security abnormalities and/or attacks on a specific software system while finding new ways to protect that said system from any further attacks from outside/pirating groups.
    Annual Salary (2019): $71,488
  2. Web Developer
    If you enjoy creating websites or have a knack with web-developing languages, the Web Developer career path may be a fit for you.
    Those who work as a web developer for an organization/company will be creating the website, individual web-pages, and overall user interface of this said website.
    Annual Salary (2019): $88,767
  3. Mobile Application Developer
    Similar to the Web Developer, this career path is best suited for individuals who enjoy creating mobile apps that can be used on our mobile devices. Often times, the Web Developer and Mobile Application Developer would work together in order to make a well-rounded product (website & application) for the organization they are partnered with.
    Those who work as a Mobile Application Developer are tasked to creating mobile applications for phones such as Android, Apple, Samsung, etc.
    Annual Salary (2019): $121, 846
  4. Data Scientist
    The Data Scientist is similar to the ‘gatekeeper’ for all the information storage of a company/organization.
    They are the ones who develop the system that stores all the important information regarding the company in a safe database which is closely monitored by said scientist.
    Annual Salary (2019): $95,000 (Entry Level)
  5. User Interface Designer
    While this position is very important for any organization, this is a good starting position for any individual who have recently graduated from their school with a Computer Science degree.
    Those who work as an User Interface Designer monitors the many software systems which holds the database of the company/organization and reports any abnormalities to said organization or higher-up.
    Annual Salary (2019): $80,598

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is for those who enjoy the hard-work and real-life experience in working with wires, real-life production, and coding all in one!

Computer engineering is said to be a very difficult path to follow but a very rewarding one nonetheless! More and more organizations are needing computer engineers in order to help create more innovations in today’s society.
So, if you do enjoy the hands-on work with technology, this is the right path for you!

  1. Hardware Engineer
    Those who work as Hardware Engineers are experienced in the world of computer engineering in general and are able to point out the abnormalities and/or mistakes within circuit boards with little to no difficulty!
    While this position may require more than 5-7 years of experience, this career is a great idea for those who love engineering and want to work closely with manufacturers of computers and other technology.
    Annual Salary: $105,034
  2. Software Development Engineer / Software Leader
    While the title is very similar to one mentioned before under the IT section of this article, this position asks for the user to understand the fundamental principles of engineering in order to solve problems that an IT Software Developer wouldn’t regularly solve.
    So, this position has more responsibilities in relation to engineering while enjoying the practice of software code building during its downtime.
    Annual Salary: $82,264
  3. Mechanical Engineer
    Those who work as Mechanical Engineers have a knack and passion for creating innovative technologies and machines. If you are the one who enjoys more of hands-on experience rather than coding, this is the ideal career path for you.
    This career path does include elements of Computer Science but it is mainly on the fundamental principles of engineering which would be used in fast-paced environments.
    Annual Salary: $84,678
  4. Verification Engineer
    Verification Engineer is one of the best positions when it comes to entering into the world of engineering as a senior engineer with experience while testing out new products that have yet been out to customers.
    Those who work in this position will be developing the process for which they will test products made by a company to make sure that they are ready for public use.
    Annual Salary: $111,620 (5-9 Years Experience)

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering career path focuses more on the hardware aspect of engineering rather than Computer Science but is a necessary element when working in these positions.

Those who work in Electrical Engineering or who would like to pursue this career field will be working with hardware and software systems of technology/products for companies/organizations which can range from tiny microscopes to huge power generators!

  1. Electrical Engineer
    As said by the name and summation, an Electrical Engineer is entirely focused on the different electrical systems of different products whether it’s creating them, fixing them, and/or maintaining them!
    Those who work in this specific position will be expected to understand the fundamental principles of engineering while maintaining/creating electrical systems of different innovative technology.
    Annual Salary: $70,391
  2. Systems Engineer
    Similar to the electrical engineer position, those who work as a Systems Engineer will be creating the computer systems for clients and companies thus having the responsibility to maintain and debug them whenever there are signs of wear-and-tear.
    Annual Salary: $84,057
  3. Electrical Applications Engineer
    Those who work as Electrical Applications Engineers are those who are willing to lend a helping hand to companies and customers about their problems with their electrical systems. They are here to troubleshoot any problems and to provide aid in setting up any needed system when needed to (with pay, of course).
    Annual Salary: $86,460 (5-9 Year Experience)
  4. Network Design Engineer
    The Network Design Engineers are those who are tasked with creating the overall systematic network for a customer and/or company. They are the ones who design the electrical networks which facilitate the information distribution among the company, and regularly work with data scientists.
    This position requires more of an engineering background since those who work in this position are also expected to know how to build the hardware interface of the network itself.
    This is mainly for an experienced Computer/Electrical Engineer!
    Annual Salary: $124,942

So there you have it! These are only 3 of the many Computer Science focused paths that are offered to everyone today but I hope these lists will give you an idea and a better understanding of what’s offered in the world for a person of your aspiring talent.

Remember — Continue practicing your passion in Computer Science and remember to balance your workload with your personal time!

Follow your dream to its fullest and you’ll find that so many doors will open just for you as the opportunities begin to pile!

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