STEM From Scratch’s Logo: The Diamond

When it comes to design, I in particular always loved the idea of just letting your brain go as your put your pen on your paper and sketch. Sketching has been a loving passion and past-time in my life which has evolved to painting, designing, to animating. Here, I wanted to bring that brilliance of peaceful, simple, and thoughtful design into a cause that’s really worth advertising and highlighting to the world which says: ‘Hey, I’m here to help you!’

STEM From Scratch for me started as me scrolling through posts under the application known as Roundpier, which is dedicated to bringing opportunities through communities and posts so that every is well informed on what a student can do in order to follow their passion. There is where I found, ‘STEM From Scratch’.

Since then, I have been a proud editor for this passionate community under the topic of Computer Science. . . but when our leader in this organization asked the group who could take charge in creating the logo for the site, I immediately jumped that wagon.

Purpose of the Diamond
When I first started sketching and creating ideas for the logo, I first thought of shapes. What shapes can be incorporated to this design which will embody the idea of ‘STEM From Scratch’. What shows unity and strength? These were one of the questions of many when creating this design. Firstly, I thought of triangles. Triangles has been the foundation for the idea of strength. Our pyramids are just a rendition of the shape of the Triangle and I knew from there that a triangle was perfect for the idea of the STEM world. . . but I knew it wasn’t enough.

As I mentioned before, many other shapes contain instances of a triangle or it can fit a number of triangles in order to make a cohesive shape. That realization was my inspiration for the diamond. A diamond can be formed using multiple triangles in order to really emphasize the idea of unity. In this community, we are all about coming together with our passions of STEM and in helping other communities. So, with that, I decided to create the 6 triangles of which you can see on the design itself. These triangles together create a beautiful, strong, and unifying shape which is the diamond. In my belief, the world of STEM brings in multiple worlds together whether it be Music and Engineering or Astrophysics and Computer Science, STEM is unifying in both mind and spirit.

Tools used in creating the Logo
When creating this logo, I only used one tool to make the whole design which was Adobe Illustrator. While Adobe Illustrator is not a free system for anyone, I acquired this program through their Student Bundle which allows for working students to use the system for a hefty discount. Because of this, I was able to download more than 10 programs which allowed me to pursue my passions of design, video-editing, game-making, and more in my daily life.

Final Thoughts
I honestly believe that this community will go on to do wondrous things in their life. They are already trying to make a change by taking the time to make these posts because they believe that they can help someone in their lives with the simple tap of a keyboard. Without my guides in my life, I wouldn’t have found my passions in Computer Science. These guides can be people, videos, books, or simple words and sites such as this one which is well worth your time. This site contains many posts from many passionate people around the world who want to help and inspire you so that you can be excited for what’s ahead in the exciting world that is STEM. 🙂

If you have any questions on the design, need tips, or just wants to comment on it in general, please feel free to make a comment below! 🙂

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