About Us

STEM From Scratch was founded in September 2019 with a mission to help students around the world find valuable STEM resources and opportunities. For many students, getting involved in a STEM project or research opportunity can be difficult without a mentor. We endeavor to find low-cost or online STEM opportunities and resources that are easily accessible to anyone and put them all in one place for easy accessibility.

What Our Team Says

I wanted to be part of a global community that serves to help others explore different opportunities in STEM. My contribution allows me to share my love for math with other readers and delve deeper into the subject myself. Everyone, despite being from different parts of the world, is bonded by a passion and love for STEM.

Sara Dahiya, India

I have enjoyed sharing what I am passionate about with other students, and am motivated by reading their articles. The atmosphere in the team has been very productive and I have gained new interests. The big advantage of working with people from all around the world is that you gain a new perspective on problems and the world in general! 

Benita, Germany

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