Biology and Psychology

Volunteering and Exchange Programs


Biologists without Borders: A great non-profit organization with a mission to help endangered species through scientific research. This program allows biologists the opportunity to volunteer their expertise to research projects.

Royal Society of Biology: The RSB can be found at many of the UK’s science festivals, providing opportunities for anyone interested in science to meet and work with them. This year they will be taking hands-on biology activities to the following festivals and events. If you live near these events you can volunteer to help by emailing your details to

MarineBio: MarineBio is always looking for virtual volunteers to help us continue as a viable environmental enterprise to help save ocean life by educating the general public and serving as a clearinghouse for marine life information.

Wildlife Conservative Volunteering: GVI’s volunteering program is a great opportunity to volunteer abroad, also allowing them to get more involved in research opportunities. An exciting bonus is the opportunity to interact with endangered animals in tropical locations.

Zooniverse: The Zooniverse enables everyone to take part in real cutting edge research in many fields across the sciences, humanities, and more. The Zooniverse creates opportunities to contribute to real discoveries. The main ways of volunteering are helping with classifications on data, being a beta tester on projects yet to launch, and being a moderator for a project.

STEM like a girl: volunteers impact girls by supporting efforts to advance their interests and confidence in STEM activities. If you are a female working in a STEM field and are willing to inspire and encourage other girls don’t hesitate to check out this amazing opportunity!

Stem & Buds is a for-youth, by-youth nonprofit empowering students to bridge STEM and storytelling through peer mentorship and project creation. Through tutoring with Math and Science, Stem & Buds allows students to expand their knowledge and abilities.

The Coastal Academy: An exchange program in Madagascar that provides training and certification for high-school students in internationally recognised ecosystem monitoring technologies. Students will also have a chance to visit nearby communities and villages. The program is available at many different times throughout the year.

Science at SEA: This is a 20-day program for high schoolers which explores and studies the offshore marine environment at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It takes place in summer. Students study the ocean from a scientific, historical, literary, and nautical perspective.


University of Waterloo Psychology Exchange Program: This department of psychology is consistently ranked among the top departments in Canada. This International exchange program is definitely worth checking.

American Psychological Association: The American Psychological Association provides various volunteer opportunities to help your community and better understand psychology and its applications.

Manastha Online Volunteering: This is an online volunteering opportunity to make a network of volunteers giving mental health service.