Biology and Psychology

Competitions, Clubs, and Fairs


AAN Neuroscience Research Prize: The American Academy of Neuroscience offers high school students the opportunity to submit their original neuroscience research for a chance to present their work at the annual AAN meeting with hotel and airfare covered.

International Biology Olympiad: The world’s largest and most competitive biology competition for high school students that selects four winners of the National Biology Olympiad from 70+ countries to participate.

University of Toronto National Biology Competition: This biology competition, geared towards younger high school students solely located in the provinces and territories of Canada, offers participants an opportunity to test their knowledge and understanding of biology. Awards range from cash prizes to distinguished awards such as National Biology Scholar.

Genes in Space: Design a DNA experiment for space travel.

Brain Awareness Week: Share the wonders of the brain with your community by taking part in this event.

iGEM – This is a synthetic biology competition open to students from all around the world. You can build, test and create your own designs using molecular biology concepts to tackle world issues.

Annual DNA Day Essay Contest: In honour of the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of the double helix of DNA in 1953, the American Society of Human Genetics offers an essay contest for high school students to examine and reflect on important concepts in genetics. The winner will receive $1,000 for themselves and $1,000 worth of genetic teaching resources for their science classroom.

Science in Society Conference is a conference that meets annually to review STEM-related fields including math. Many renowned speakers come to speak on STEM, introducing networking opportunities and organizations such as JHU, NIH, NASA, and more.

Medgeía Club: Medgeía is a student lead club for STEM education where students from a large variety of countries and backgrounds collaborate, discuss, and find solutions to problems in the healthcare industry. It is also an amazing opportunity for students from all around the world to gain or acquire knowledge and learn new skills. This club gives students the chance to innovate and find solutions to problems related to healthcare, hereby serving their communities.

National Ocean Sciences Bowl: This is a competition for high school students interested in oceanic and aquatic sciences. Each team should have four members and a coach. If a team wins the regional level competition, they are eligible to participate at the national level.

The Coleopterists Society- Youth Incentive Award: This is a competition for students interested in the study of beetles. Students must complete an original research project related to the study of beetles and their natural habitat. Winners will receive a cash prize from $200 to $400. Students from grades 7-12 can participate.

Albert Einstein International Scholarship test– By AICTSD

This initiative is for school and college students. This scholarship test aims to create leaders from the student community from across the globe and create leaders among international research scholars. Every year around 500,000 students register for this test. Successful candidates get scholarships of up to INR 1 lakh and other rewards.

The Terris challenge by Superposition Fremont

This is a two-week-long STEM challenge for students from across the globe. It involves working on research projects with a team. It also includes research, innovation and community-building activities. Winners are given awards and certificates.


TOPPS Competition for High School Psychology Students: The American Psychological Association offers high school students the opportunity to receive $250 in scholarship money by being selected as one of the 5 winners in an essay contest that addresses the topic of psychology in politics.

American Psychological Association: You can be part of psychology clubs and science fairs.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine High School Video Contest: High school students from the U.S. are eligible to enter the AASM video contest to raise awareness about the importance of sleep by uploading an original two-minute-long video to be judged by a panel of medical experts. The winner receives $1,000 split evenly between them and their school