Biology and Psychology



Allen Brain Map: Various databases to understand the brain.

NCBI- National Center for Biotechnology Information: Provides access to biomedical and genomic information.

Psychological Research on the Net: Provides links to various psychological experiments, arranged by topic.

NOBA– A blog and catalogue that provide many psychology resources and is modifiable to each student’s needs.

Science Daily– the latest news on STEM research; provides sources to projects, etc.

Simply Psychology– provides psychology articles, educational resources, and information about different branches of learning for students.

Social Psychology Network– provides students with global psychology news, blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds.

Brain Facts: Offers an interactive 3D map of the brain to visualize, explore, and learn about its various structures and functions.

PsycINFO: PsycINFO is a database of abstracts of literature in the field of psychology. It has a broad subject coverage in the field of psychology.


UCSC Genome Browser: Provides the opportunity to view, analyze and download genomic data.

MIT Biology provides newsletters that highlight recent researches and discoveries along with educational activities.

Biology Major: This is a newsletter updating students about the opportunities and events related to biology.

California State University- free database- Biology : This is a free database for everyone to access. The biology database has pages on botany, biology and zoology.

NUS Biological and Life Sciences database: This database has covers a wide range of biological, biomedical and life sciences.