YouTube Channels

Professor Dave Explains: This man saved my life before my last chemistry exam! He explains Organic and general chemistry topics very precisely and on point (Especially the explanation of IR spectroscopy helped me a lot). Perfect for panic studying right in front of an exam 😉

Dr Jackson UGA Chemistry: Perfect if you need help with Organic Chemistry

Chemie – simpleclub: I think every German student knows this YouTube channel. The guys from simpleclub explain nearly every subject at school. The explanations are very good in junior high, if you are already preparing for the A-levels, some are sadly not precise enough.

TMP Chem: Here you will find help with Computational Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Quantum Chemistry…

Domain of Science: He doesn’t only do videos on Chemistry but also on a lot of other interesting topics like Quantum Physics or Computer Science. Especially his videos on CERN are worth a visit on this channel!

The Organic Chemistry Tutor: This channel focuses on tutorials on organic chemistry, general chemistry and physics.

chatzida: At this channel you can watch chemical experiments. Some of the, are performed by high school students and those experiments are probably the ones, that are relevant for you in school as well. But the really fun ones are performed by a Chemist. So when you are bored and what to watch something explode, this is the YouTube channel for you 😉

Periodic Videos: This channel proves that Chemistry is fun once again!

Melissa Maribel: Melissa tries to help students pass their chemistry exams with weekly videos on all of the major concepts in chemistry. I hope she can help you as well, she most certainly has saved a few of my chemistry tests already.

AsapSCIENCE: As their tagline says “Making science make sense.”, Asap does exactly that, explore new aspects of science in a fun, visual and innovative ways.

Tyler Dewitt– Helps with doing problems in chemistry (conversions, balancing equations, etc.) by solving them with you.

Khan Academy– whether you’re taking AP or CP, this resource will help you to form a concrete base and provides you with additional content to increase upon it.

Reactions– Uncovering and analyzing the hidden chemistry in everything that surrounds us, and being the go to source for questions that you have always wondered the answer to but never found it.

Crash Course– Fun and interactive, this resource will help you understand concepts with animations and such