Online Resources

Chemistry Cliffs Notes– On this website (mostly known for its very helpful literature cliff notes) you can read compact summaries about different areas of chemistry and then answer quizzes about the topic. The perfect way to quickly understand and memorize the basics of chemistry. Be sure to check out the site before your next exam!

P-Table– Whether you want the properties of an element or wish to visualise the trends of a group, the Periodic Table website is a one stop point that satisfies your elemental needs. Bookmark it.

Chemistry News– Find the latest news, research and analysis the chemical sciences.

Chem Collective– Organized by a group of faculty and staff at Carnegie Mellon who are interested in creating unique and interesting online activities for chemistry education. Chem Collective provides a collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concept tests.

Compound Interest– This is a site that aims to take a closer look at the chemical compounds we come across on a day-to-day basis, explaining them with easy-to-understand graphics.