Computer Science & Engineering

What is Computer Science & Engineering?

Computer Science (CS) can be defined by the devices your use in everyday life without you really even knowing it — it’s integral to your cellular devices, appliances, laptops, gaming consoles, and most of the technological devices we use. Most, if not all, devices are powered by the programming of Computer Science and its languages; Java, C++, Python, and many more. Computer Science has helped connect people to opportunities, opened new career paths, and allowed the development of innovative technologies that have changed the lives of millions all around the world.

Have you ever sat in calculus class thinking, “we’ll never need this in real life”? Well, think again! Engineering is a highly technical field, taking everything you learn in math and science, and applying it to the real world. From software to civil engineering, there are tons of different engineering fields. Whether you prefer to be creating models on whiteboards or building robots, there’s something for everyone! The engineering editors at STEM From Scratch have been working hard to offer a list of resources that will allow you to explore more about what engineering is really about.

Here, you can learn more about the field to find the specific areas which you are most interested in. You can then teach yourself the essential skills and find opportunities to apply it.

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