Computer Science & Engineering

Programs for High School Students

Summer Opportunities in the United States

COSMOS – California State Summer School for Mathematics & Science

As stated in the title, the program is held in California and is a great way to gain experience in the science world, even if it is not Computer Science. This allows for experience inside renowned facilities with renowned faculty and researchers.This program is available for grades 8th-12th. This is NOT a free program though it does have a financial aid option for everyone.

Girls Who Code

This is a free 7-week introductory computer science program for 10th-11th grade girls who wish to learn about Computer Science while joining a sisterhood of programmers and innovators! This is made for students who have not had any experience in Computer Science, this is strictly an introductory program. There are many locations around the country ranging from Boston, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington.


This is a highly selective six- week summer program for rising seniors in high school that is held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It aims to expose minority and undeserved students to different fields of STEM. Best of all, its free! All education, food and boarding costs are covered.

Boston Leadership Academy Summer STEM Programs

This three-week research programs that cover Biotech, Robotics, Applied Physics, Oncology, and so many more unique subject areas that students rarely see in school. Their Engineering/Tech course includes classes such as Applied Physics/Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Research, etc.

Boston University’s RISE Internship/Practicum

This 6-week program at Boston University allows students to conduct university laboratory research with some of the nation’s brightest scientific minds while advancing their STEM knowledge and skills. Research will be done in these areas: astronomy, biology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, medical laboratory research, neuroscience, physics, psychology, and public health.


HSCTF stands for “High School Capture the Flag” and it is an online event hosted by other high schoolers in the summer to help educate others in computer science and encourage more to get involved in the field. The competition is structured around activities that involve topics such as cryptography, reverse engineering, programming languages, forensics, and reconnaissance. Teams are made up of five or less high school students from the United States and the winning team can win up to $1,500.

High School Introduction to Engineering Systems for Twelfth Graders

High School Introduction to Engineering Systems for Twelfth Graders is a free summer Engineering camp run by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In this camp students will have the opportunity to learn fundamentals of engineering and even apply them in a competitive atmosphere.

The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP)

SEAP is an 8 week research opportunity. Over 250 high school students will be chosen to participate in science and engineering related internships across various subjects. The program encourages students to further a science/engineering education in the future.

NASA Intern

NASA Internships are programs (that can be held in the summer, fall or winter) where you’ll have the chance to work on cutting-edge research and receive mentorship from current NASA employees. This internship is very competitive, stipends are available, and it aims to to enhance and increase the capability, diversity and size of the nation’s future science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce.

Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program

This summer program run by the University of Wake forest includes, but isn’t limited to a program for technology and engineering in which students will have the opportunity to attend lectures by academic leaders at the University. There is a $700 cost to attend, and attendees will be given a certificate of completion upon the finishing of the program.

Summer Opportunities in India

Amity University Summer School Program

The Amity University Summer School Program runs from the 25th of May to the 5th of June, where high school students interested in specific academic area undergo project related classes where they can develop experience in their chosen profession and academic area. For example, those interested in Computer Science, will participate in relating to programming concepts, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. The program has released a tentative schedule of those who want to participate in the Computer Science summer program.

Symbiosis Summer School

The Symbiosis Summer School contains many academic programs and career areas where a student can thrive under a dedicated, guided faculty. This program allows students to learn under governments, game development companies, and more in order for the students to experience a real-life example of what it is to work in such environments, allowing for students to pursue their passion in their preferred academic interests!

Woodstock Summer Program(s)

The Woodstock Summer Program provides a 2-week interactive experience through many academic areas such as Computer Science in Robotics and/or Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Music Production, and many more. The school also provides an area where you can also maintain a healthy lifestyle with their gym, daily walks from school to dorm, and diverse food options. While there is a fee for food and dorms, there are financial aid options and, if admitted, will be a great experience for those who want to step into the career field of their choosing.

Summer Opportunities in Europe & Oceania

AIFS Study Abroad in Barcelona (Semester or Year)

Under the AIFS Program, you can spend a semester or academic year abroad in the city of Barcelona in Spain where up to 15 credits can be earned! Students can take the courses relating to the world of Computer Science in the University Pompoe Fabra (UPF). These courses can be taught in English or Spanish with no previous Spanish language experience required. Volunteer opportunities is also offered at this program which will allow you to experience the communities of Barcelona while giving your part to help the people within it! If you have a strong passion in global studies, STEM, and the search for leadership opportunities — then this is for you!

New Zealand Auckland University Studies

Similar to the program before, this program held in New Zealand puts an emphasis on the combination of criticizing academic work and personal travel opportunities in order to provide a quality experience for study abroad students in STEM and more. This program will allow students to live in double bedrooms while being situated in the city of Auckland. If you enjoy study abroad experiences mixed in with the quality work of critical academic studies in STEM, this is definitely the program for a hardworking student such as yourself!

Syracuse University Programs – London Center

Here, you can study in the famous city of London while enjoying a rigorous academic experience which balances the enjoyment of travel opportunities and school. Through this program, students can study the 50 courses available each semester which combines the professional coursework of your choice with STEM studies. When you’re a student of this program, you will be placed in an apartment with other local students which will enhance the experience a life in London!

Summer Opportunities in Canada

Da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program (DEEP)

DEEP is a summer program hosted by the University of Toronto (optional residence is provided). Successful applicants get the opportunity to participate in a variety of pre-university engineering courses. It’s aimed to expose future engineering students to what engineering looks like in university. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet many professors, PhD candidates, and alumni.

Engineering Science Quest Leader in Training

Engineering Science Quest is a summer camp for students in grade 2-9 to foster a love of engineering from a young age. High school students who would like to become a staff member for engineering science quest can participate in the 2 week Leader in Training program. The first week of the camp is a training session. The second week is a full time volunteer placement at the camp. Its a great chance to build you leadership skills and give back to the community! This is not an overnight program, if coming from a different city, you will need to make your own accommodations.

SHAD Canada

SHAD Valley is a great summer opportunity for Canadian high school students. It is a month STEAM program hosted around various universities around Canada. The program takes thinkers and prepares them to face real-world challenges. For instance, one year, students were asked to design something that would help with waste management. Applications open every fall!

WISEST Summer Research Program

The WISEST SRP is a great opportunity to explore careers in engineering, as well as other scientific fields. Chosen applicants will get to spend the summer on campus at the University of Alberta to complete research work with chosen professionals. In addition, participants will get to earn a wage for their work! Read more about the application process on their website!

Remote Summer Opportunities

Bond University – Australia

This program has an academic calendar which is similar with to the U.S.’s. So, for any students wishing to partake in this program, Bond University helps accommodate to the student’s difficult school schedules in order to provide opportunities for all students all around the world. Through this program, students can partake in the STEM courses offered at Bond University while studying with other students who are passionate in becoming more knowledgeable of their chosen studies. The program requires a 2.5 GPA to apply with Computer/Informational Science, Informational Technology, Video Game Design, and Web Design being offered to all students as available courses!

International Exchange Programs at Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Students can apply for this program in the fall, spring, and/or summer of their academic year through an application process. This program allows for students to be situated in apartments with other local students as they are given the opportunities to partake in intense STEM focused courses while having the opportunity to travel to almost any major city in the world! Since this program is situated in the center of the world map, there are many airlines within the vicinity which allows for any student to travel (with supervisors) to other destinations in the world while tending to their studies!