Computer Science & Engineering

Youtube Channels

YouTube is a great way to find sources to learn more about Computer Science (and their impacts) while being at the comfort of your own setting!

Here are some great channels and videos to get you started —


Adam’s Savage Tested

Adam Savage’s Tested is a content platform and community playground for makers and curious minds. On, the highly- engaged Tested YouTube channel, and at conventions and events, dynamic makers share ideas and inspire each other to build their obsessions. Led by Adam Savage, the Tested team explores the intersection of science, popular culture, and emerging technology, showing how we are all makers.

CrashCourse – Early Computing

This channel is really engaging for anyone who enjoys topics of spirituality, STEM, the world, and so much more! CrashCourse is an amazing channel for learning new educational topics and events about the world with Computer Science being one of them. The link for this video will bring you to a CrashCourse made video on ‘Early Computing’ or the very birth of Computer Science.


TEDTalks has an app of its own but also their own YouTube channel. TEDTalks sometimes features leaders in the CS industries, communities, and more in order to speak on the behalf of certain interesting topics. The link for this video showcases a Brown University student who describes her experience in Computer Science and how it impacted her life.


This popular youtube channel covers a wide range of topics which includes a variety of STEM subjects and how it all links together though Physics and Engineering is the subject it is most well known for. It goes into some crazy and unique topics which the average person would not even think of answering such as “Why you should want driverless cars on the road” or “The 3D printed rocket”. If you want something entertaining and to have a good conversation topic, you should check this channel out!


Destin Learning

Destin Learning strongly believes in self paced learning which is why they have a youtube channel dedicated to Microsoft .NET development, Java, cloud computing and Salesforce development. Many of the playlists are informational in nature and perfect for beginners to get their feet wet in any topic listed above.

Eli The Computer Guy

This channel is very informative and is a great start for you programming career! Even if you’re quite advanced in the computer science field, you’ll most likely find this channel helpful. For beginners, we recommend this video which shows how to learn programming on your own. He also creates a series about cyber security for those who are interested.

JavaScript Mastery

The purpose of JavaScript Mastery is to help aspiring and established developers to take their development skills to the next level and build awesome apps. They have 51 videos and counting teaching viewers all about the uses of JS, how to write JS, and even walking them through building their own creations.

Kalle Hallden

Kalle Hallden has a YouTube channel where he discuss everything he builds with code! He made super educational videos and ideas, such as the best programming languages to learn, passive income for programmers, mistakes every programmer should avoid and many more! He also shows his process in building a lot of things like a crypto trading bot, an emulator, etc.

Tech With Tim

Learn programming, software engineering, machine learning and everything tech from this channel. With a special emphasis on Python and JavaScript, his channel aims to give you free resources so that you can learn to code and dive into the software engineering and programming industry. His goal is to provide the highest quality programming and tech videos on the internet!

Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified is all about teaching web development skills and techniques in an efficient and practical manner. If you are just getting started in web development Web Dev Simplified has all the tools you need to learn the newest and most popular technologies to convert you from a no stack to full stack developer. Web Dev Simplified also deep dives into advanced topics using the latest best practices for you seasoned web developers.

CS Theory

CS50 Youtube

CS50 is an introductory programming course taught by one of the world’s best colleges: Harvard. On the CS50 youtube channel, a semester’s worth of lectures are available on demand and for free. The course does not require any prior programming experience and is composed of 9 lectures ranging in length from just under an hour to slightly over two hours.

Kano Computing

Kano computing is a youtube channel dedicated towards sparking interest in computer programming. The creators at Keno weave in fun topics like Harry Potter and Star Wars to make the coding aspect engaging and more inclusive of all ages.


The Craig’n’Dave youtube channel is filled with content about computer science. Craig and Dave both have computer science degrees evidence by the quality of their videos. Content in the videos covers university-level curriculum.

Joe Collins

Joe’s channel talks everything about Linux! It is essential to learn Linux in your computer science journey and you can get a head start right here with this video. It teaches you the required introduction to start Linux and if you are someone teaching a new user about Linux, it may also be useful.

Network Engineering Academy

This channel mostly talk about relevant IT job opportunities, tips and tricks, job myths, and many more! You can watch one of his videos in order to advance your IT career. He gives you the steps to earn a high paying job as a network engineer and answers frequently asked questions about IT careers.


TechLead is a channel runs by an Ex-Google/ex-Facebook tech lead, app entrepreneur, digital nomad traveler, and a software engineer. His past videos mainly discuss about cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. However, his past videos are very popular where he describes his opinions in many programming matters!



The Engineerguy Youtube channel was created by a professor who is passionate about his work and is now creating videos to better explain the different aspects of engineering. His videos can go as in depth as to a specific machine like how a certain type of 3D printer work or to simplify a well known object’s mechanic like a microwave or camera.

Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering is a channel that shows us some curious things about engineering such as how future models of cars, planes or robots will work and it emphasises a lot on how engineering is helping in a wide variety of fields such as water blocking or robotics. Whatever you are searching for, you will always learn something new.

Learn Engineering

Learn Engineering was founded by a post-graduate student from the Indian Institute of Technology. They aim to educate people around the world. Their engineering channel has videos on many advanced engineering topics on the different branches of engineering.

Real Engineering

Real Engineering is a YouTube channel that gives “interesting answers to simple questions.” Most of their videos are focused on civil and aeronautical engineering. From transistors to material properties, there’s something for everyone to learn about.

Smarter Every Day

Destin is a full time engineer whose channel. He explores using engineering and science as a fuel for his videos. He mixes fun and facts to make fantastic videos which will always make you learn something and make you smile.