Computer Science & Engineering

Online Courses



Alison provides a plethora of engineering courses covering a wide range of sub-fields in engineering which you may not be able to find on other sites. This includes aerospace, automotives, biomedicine, chemistry, civil infrastructure, computers, electrics, the environment, industry, marine studies, mechanics and petroleum engineering. Their courses are very job specific which can be useful in the future workspace.


Brilliant is a subscription based service providing enrichment courses on hundreds of topics, including STEM related ones. The vast selection of physics, technology, and math related courses make it great choice for any engineering student to learn new skills or sharpen old ones.

Class Central

Class Central is a listening of online courses. They focus on free courses (or free to audit courses) from universities, offered through massive open online course platforms. There is a lot that can be done with this, such as reviewing courses you’ve taken and reading other people’s reviews on them.


Coursera offers many free courses, many of which are led by top colleges and companies, like Google. However, if you want a Course Certificate, you would have to pay a small fee in order to get it.


With EdX, you can take classes from the top Universities and companies around the world at your own pace and you will earn an award if you finish the course. Here you can join a community, branch out and create a network full of experienced learners in the field. You can take courses such as Introduction to Computer Science or Introduction to Game Development from Harvard. They will teach you the theory but also give you programming tasks for hands-on experience with what you are learning.

Ivy League Online Courses

Find Engineering courses from the Top Universities in the US provided on different platforms. Topics of these courses can range from Robotics to Structural Engineering. All of these classes are free and you can pay to get the certifications.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers various programming courses for all ages and skill groups. They primarily focus on the web development end of programming and offer multiple courses in HTML, CSS, SQL and Javascript, the main proponents used in website development. They offer introductory courses for novices and advanced courses for the more seasoned avid learners.


qBraid is an educational platform aimed to teach quantum computing in a simple way. It ranges from basic courses aimed at high school students to advanced tutorials on research topics. You will learn to code for quantum computers.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Courses created by Stanford undergraduate students for high school students to learn about topics like computing, artificial intelligence and electrical engineering. Examples of available courses include machine learning, introduction to robotics, and an introduction to linear dynamical systems.


Udemy is an online course website were top industry experts post online courses in a wide variety of topics. In the engineering field, it has a lot of unique paid courses in elecrical, mechanical and civil engineering. Although the courses are paid, they are absolutely worth it.



CodeCombat is a video game for learning programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, HTML and CoffeeScript. It also aids in teaching you the fundamentals of computer science while keeping it fun and interesting to keep your retention.


Are you looking for challenges to improve you programming skills? Or maybe you are preparing for an interview and looking for resources? Look no more, find everything you need in Coderbyte.


Coderwall is a learning platform for software engineers looking to improve their knowledge. It has a large developer community sharing the latest design tips, tricks and tools.


Codewell is a great website for all frontend developers to improve their HTML and CSS skills by practicing on creating templates. You can hone your design skills for frontend development or build great portfolio websites. Furthermore, there’s a ton of challenges you can participate in!


CodinGame is a tool that allows you to solve coding challenges while playing along with fun exercises. They allow you use a variety of programming languages, including, but is not limited to Python, C++, C# and JavaScript.


CSSBattle is an amazing website for code-golfing games! It’s a great website for you to improve your CSS skills. You’ll need to replicate targets with the simplest code possible. In addition to that, you may win cool rewards after finishing a battle!


CyberDojo is a website that allows you to practice programming. They give you access to lots of exercises for free. These exercises primarily consist of practice for test driven development. They allow you to use many languages, including C++, Python, Java and JavaScript. You can solve the exercises on your own or you could work with a group to solve them together.


FlexboxFroggy provides a game-like interface that allows you to learn Flexbox, a CSS web layout model used to manage and organize items in HTML. FlexBoxFroggy allows you to learn how to justify and align items with a fun and interative frog game.


Freecodecamp is an nonprofit online coding course that you can do at your own pace. It teaches front-end languages like HTML to backend like Python. At the end of the course, you get your certificate.

Frontend Mentor

Frontend Mentor is a community where people share their troubles and help others to come up with solution all relating to frontend development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


JavaScript30 is a place for you to learn and get comfortable with JavaScript for your frontend development career! JavaScript30 provides 30 projects and ideas to build together for beginner to intermediate level.


Treehouse is a website where you can start to learn programming and everything related to computer science led by experts from all around the world. Treehouse brushes on the most updated topics for developers and designers. Be sure to check it out!


Untrusted is a game made to assist you in developing your JavaScript capabilities. You navigate a map as a little “@” sign having to delve throughout a maze and solve various problems with JavaScript. You need to use JavaScript to edit the map so you can traverse it.

VIM Adventures

VIM Adventures is a fun puzzle web game that is based on VIM’s keyboard shortcuts. It’s a fun and easy way for you to learn VIM, and you can easily practice and memorize.


W3Schools is an educational website meant to provide tutorials and references relating to various programming languages. This includes but is not limited HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, C# and python. They have various documentations that aid with aspiring programmers hoping to pick up a new language.

Computer Science Theory

Codespark Academy

Codespark Academy is a place where critical thinking skills are accessible for everyone. It is designed so both girls and boys find the activities fun and engaging as they try to close the gender gap in STEM. The only downside is that it costs up to $10 a month after a 7 day trial.

MIT Open Course Ware

This is a library of free MIT lectures and lessons for their computing science majors. Subjects which are included here are mechanical engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science, economics, management and even the liberal arts.

The Coding School

CodeConnects is the online learning initiative of The Coding School, a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to empower the next generation through computer science education. Founded by a Brown University undergraduate in 2014, The Coding School has grown into an international organization with 800+ instructors and students from over 125 countries participating in our programs.

Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point originated from the idea that there exists a class of readers who respond better to online content and prefer to learn new skills at their own pace from the comforts of their drawing rooms. Their content and resources are freely available and they prefer to keep it that way to encourage their readers to acquire as many skills as they would like to.


Future Learn

Future Learn is online course platform where you can learn at a 100% with world class universities and industry experts. It has a wide variety of courses which will make you learn the benefits of engineering for people and the planet. Build problem-solving and analytical skills with this online engineering courses. For example, this are some of the topics in the courses: energy transformation, communication for engineers or even drone safety managers.

Open Culture

In Open Culture you can find thousands of free online courses, audio books, textbooks, eBooks, language lessons, movies and more. They have over 1700 free online courses that you should check out. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player.

Upverter Education

Upverter Education is an online course website where you can find classes about Electronics Design where you can take part in the fundamental classes to introduce yourself to the topic or specific mechanic circuit boards and how you can construct one yourself. The classes are free and you can pay for their certificate if you finish the course.