Educational Channels

mathantics – Channel that focuses on topics from arithmetic to basic algebra. Explains math in a very intuitive and graphical manner. Perfect for those seeking to brush up on basics.

Khan Academy – Website with videos on pretty much all topics of grade school math from basic counting to Linear Algebra. Most of these topics come with review exercises. Highly recommended for math students of all levels.

TabletClass Math – Channel that focuses on topics from pre-algebra to beginner calculus (AP Calculus AB level). Contains lots of short review style videos, perfect for students seeking to study for an exam.

The Organic Chemistry Tutor – Despite the channel name being about Organic Chemistry, this channel has videos on a wide variety of math topics from algebra to calculus. Has lots of videos going in depth on a certain topic, perfect for students looking to brush up on certain topics.

Featured: The Organic Chemistry Tutor made a video full of precalculus questions and a step-by-step solution. This video is the perfect way to prepare your next precalculus exam. See below to watch.

Brian McLogan – Channel on topics from pre-algebra to beginner calculus (AP Calculus AB level). Has videos on many specific examples, and perfect for students looking for worked-through examples to practice specific math skills.

Featured: In this video, Brian McLogan explains three ways to solve a quadratic equation, which is factoring, AC method, and the quadratic formula. He brushed a bit about inverse operations as well. See below to watch.

Eddie Woo – Very good channel on topics from algebra to beginner calculus (AP Calculus AB level) that emphasizes looking at the intuition behind mathematical concepts through a graphical lens. Also includes various application videos to connect math to other science subjects.

Featured: Sir Eddie Woo explains why 0! = 1. He argues the same way why a^0 = 1. See below to watch.

PatrickJMT – Channel with videos ranging from algebra to calculus (AP Calculus AB + BC and multivariable calculus) to linear algebra to discrete math. Effectively contains all the information math students will need in high school. Contains videos explaining topics as well as many examples pertaining to those topics.

ukmathsteacher – Channel explaining topics on math relevant to the GCSE’s. Contains many worked out examples to previous exams as well.

Professor Leonard – Channel explaining topics from algebra to multivariable calculus and differential equations. These videos are geared towards those learning the topic for the first time. These videos are long and focus on the intuition in math, while containing many examples.

Hippocampus – Large website with math topics from Arithmetic to Calculus (AP Calculus AB and BC and Multivariable Calculus) to Statistics. Also contains practice questions and examples in a single source. Recommended for any math student.

MIT Math OpenCourseWare – Another large website that is a compilation of many MIT courses with most including video lectures, written notes, assignments, and exams. Highly recommended for high school students wanting to advance their math skills.

Brilliant – A website which allows you to visualize numerous topics and concepts ranging from fundamentals of mathematics to multivariable calculus and group theory. The website approaches problems through creative ways and allow the users to build an intuitive understanding of the topics. Would definitely recommend checking out for an interactive math experience.

EdX – A website that offers free online STEM courses by prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and so on! If you are looking for a university that would fit you the best or just bored and need something productive to do in your free time, this is the perfect place for you to further your knowledge in the STEM field.

Coursera – An online and free source for you to learn all sorts of things related to STEM provided by top universities from all over the world, such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and many more. I would recommend Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Stanford University at Coursera. You will learn number theory, real analysis, and mathematical language. It’s a great start for those who are looking to progress their math skills.

Dr. Trefor Bazett – A YouTube channel full of playlists including differential equations, calculus courses, and fun math theories. Loads of tips and series are embedded into this YouTube channel which will surely help you engage with math on a higher level.

Tom Rocks Maths – A YouTube channel that carries many videos on different theories, laws, programs, and problem solving questions. Lots of fun topics that’ll pick your brain and make you think about math on a deeper level.

Corbettmaths – A website to learn all kinds of mathematical concepts for free. For each topic listed on their website, there is a video explaining the concept, a worksheet for practice, and a textbook formatted practice sheet. After finishing the practice sheets, there is a link at the top of the page that provides the answers to all the practice sheets.

DoS (Domain of Science) – DoS creates videos about everything related to science. If you’re interested in Mathematics, I would highly recommend his vides where he created a map of mathematics. Check it out here!

Recreational Channels

3blue1brown – Variety of videos across many mathematical topics that enforces graphical intuition behind many complicated topics. Highly recommended for any student interested in math and science. Personal Recommendations/Favorites: “The Most Unexpected Answer to a Counting Puzzle“, “What they won’t teach you in calculus“, “Euler’s formula with introductory group theory“, and “Visualizing the Riemann hypothesis and analytic continuation“.

Mathologer – Channel that explains various abstract math concepts at an accessible level. Interesting and engaging content all around.

Numberphile – Another channel that also explains various abstract math concepts with layman’s terms. Perfect for anyone interested in pure math topics.

Flammable Maths – Entertaining channel that makes various skits as well as proofs on various topics. Most proofs are intended for higher level math students (calculus and above).

Vihart – A channel which create funny and laughable videos related to mathematics. She made numerous videos about the digits of pi. Truly the channel you’re looking for if you’re in love with mathematics and want to have fun!


Paul’s Online Notes – Written online notes on topics such as algebra, calculus (including multivariable calculus) and differential equations. Very thorough with many worked through examples as well as various other useful stuff such as cheat sheets, math tips, common errors, etc.

Wolfram MathWorld – Large database with many definitions to mathematical terms for reference.

Art of Problem Solving – Has many online classes on topics from pre-algebra to calculus to group theory. They also have classes focused on various competitions such as Math Olympiad and Physics Olympiad. Note that enrollment is not free.

MIT Open Courseware – Sets of high quality PDF calculus notes covering various units and topics that ensure an excellent learning experience. Published by one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commonly known as MIT.