Online Research and Internship Opportunities

Pure math research is very hard to come by as much of the required knowledge often involves graduate-level classes. However, here is a list of some possible research projects that any high school student can get involved with. On the other hand, there are a bunch of applied math research projects that come in many different forms from bioinformatics to computer science to statistics. Many of these can be found on their respective pages.

Open Problem Garden – A collection of open and unsolved math problems for any high-achieving students to attempt.

Programs in Mathematics – A database full of all and any online research connected with math, updated whenever a new opportunity arises. There are also ways to be an editor of the database itself. – This website will tell you all of the mathematical science related online events from all around the world! You can participate in online research activities, submit your research paper and publish it, collaborate on projects with other people, and even compete in math competitions for a chance to win prizes.

American Mathematical Society – This organization houses a variety of paid internships at universities all over the United States. The programs are developed for high school students and students in college. Additionally, many of the programs are rooted in research work.