Other Resources

LaTeX – A typesetting which is pretty much universal for typing any STEM-related document. Takes some time to get used to but is definitely worthwhile for any student interested in STEM to learn. Some links for those who are interested: Latex Tutorial, Overleaf (an online collaborative LaTeX editor).

Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)- An organization dedicated to teaching math to the world’s youth. AoPS offers online courses suited for middle and high school students and focusses on teaching its students a few critical concepts that can be applied to a variety of problems. Additionally, students have the opportunity to interact with others through an online discussion platform and ask for help from teachers specifically employed by AoPS.

Socratic Google – Powered by Google, it is a problem solving app that operates at a high level of mathematics. Ask Socratic a question and it will provide the best resources for you to further explore that subject and/or concept.

Desmos – A free online graphing calculator. If you don’t have a graphing calculator at home, this is the perfect website to visit! It has a scientific, graphing, four function, and matrix calculator in addition to geometry tools.

Arithmetic Game – A very simple online game which provide arithmetic questions for people to solve before the time runs out! The problems will not change until you find out the correct answer. Quite the simple, challenging, and fun game to spend your time.

GeoGebra – GeoGebra is a powerful tool for teaching and learning mathematics. It serves for many purposes, starting from scientific calculator for tests, graphing, to geometry display. GeoGebra is also perfect when dealing with elementary students, as it has a tidy and fun approach on the design! In addition, it works well for university project too.