Standardized Test Preparation

SAT Math – For those seeking to improve their existing knowledge in the math topics, I recommend Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus and Barron’s SAT (both these books also include practice tests and non-math section topics). For those strong in the topics, I recommend simply just doing practice tests and math sections. Many of these sample tests can be found online at Khan Academy.

ACT Math – In terms of subject matter, the ACT Math section is highly similar to the SAT Math section. However, the ACT Math section involves solving more questions at a faster pace than the SAT Math. For those looking to improve their existing knowledge, I recommend Kaplan’s ACT Prep Plus (also includes prep and practice tests for non-math sections). For those strong in the topics, I recommend doing practice tests and math sections from the ACT Official Study Guide (also includes content for non-math sections).

AP Calculus AB & BC – In terms of content, AP Calculus BC incorporates a few additional topics that AB doesn’t such as more advanced integration methods, parametric equations and polar coordinates, and series. For both subject matter and practice, I recommend Barron’s AP Calculus (includes AB and BC) and Princeton Review’s AP Calculus (AB version, BC version). The differences between the two books are minimal but I would say Barron’s does a better job at explaining topics while Princeton explains basic concepts then does a lot of example problems. I also highly recommend doing past AP’s free response questions (AB version, BC version) for further practice.