Physics and Astronomy

Where to Find Raw Data (For Intermediate Users)

If you need to collect data (fresh or archived) from the Internet for a project, here are some databases where you can find them. Note that data download and processing can require some level of computational expertise.

NASA Exoplanet Archive— Hosts Kepler exoplanet data.

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) International Database— Hosts variable stars data collected by amateur astronomers.

GBNCC Discoveries Database— Pulsar data, collected at Green Bank Telescope.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Chandra X-Ray Observatory Educational Resources

Galaxy Map

Exoplanet orbit database– Not updated anymore, but makes visualising data easy with plots.

Planetary Data System

Radio Jove– Involves building your own Decametric Radio Telescope and analysing natural radio emissions from Jupiter, the Sun and our galaxy.