Physics and Astronomy

Tutorials, Programs, Workshops, and Hackathons

Image Processing Tutorials by Emily Lakdawalla

Introduction to Astronomy Research– A repository of resources you can make use of to begin formal astronomy research.

Systemic Live– An apparently highly-regarded software for visualising radial velocity datasets and attempting to fit them to a planetary system model.

lightkurve– A Python package for analysing Kepler, K2 and TESS light curves. Includes tutorials.

Innovators Developing Accessible Tools in Astronomy (IDATA) – If you are interested in making astronomy more accessible to blind and visually impaired (BVI) individuals, and have a knack for coding, this could be a great opportunity for you. Follow the link to contact a project administrator.

Project Array– They develop curricula to increase scientific literacy among the public and currently have college-level resources introducing the concepts of radio astronomy.

AstroHackWeek– A week-long summer workshop on astronomy and tech.

.Astronomy– Created for individuals passionate about merging technology and astronomy. They organise virtual events, hackathons, talks and tutorials.

Code/Astro– From their site: Code/Astro is a week-long astronomy software development workshop aiming to give participants fundamental software engineering skills and and best practices for building sustainable open-source packages for astronomy applications.

NASA Space Apps Challenge– An international hackathon helping to solve real-world problems using NASA data.

Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshops– Annual summer workshop with talks and hands-on sessions related to exoplanet astronomy. May be a little advanced for high school students.

Astronomy Paper Seminar Participation Guide and Reading Walkthrough– This is exactly what the title suggests. Many academics participate in paper seminars, where people read research papers and discuss their methods and findings. As a high school student, gaining practice critically reading and understanding research papers can help you be better prepared for college and also learn exactly how a lot of cool science happened!

Wolfram Mathematica / Wolfram Alpha– Use these tools if you need to solve a complicated equation, or simplify unwieldy expressions. Note that Mathematica isn’t free, but Wolfram Alpha provides the same basic functionality online.