Physics and Astronomy


If you’re interested in competing in physics and astronomy related activities, here’s a list of the resources you could use and the competitions you could take part in:

International Physics Olympiad– A knowledge- and concept-based contest that is renowned for its difficulty. You’ll have to clear multiple levels of exams to have a chance at participating at the international level.

Conrad Challenge– Students exercise their entrepreneurial skills by developing a solution to a problem in one of the following categories: “Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, Health & Nutrition, Transforming Education Through Technology, Smoke-Free World: Eliminating & Reducing Teen Vaping, and Smoke-Free World: Re-purposed Farmlands & Tobacco Crops.”

NSS Space Settlement Contest– Open to individuals and teams from around the world. You have to design a space settlement under a few constraints (that are explained on their website) or submit material related to future space settlement efforts. A really fun project, and it encourages you to use your creativity. You can find more contests (including art and writing contests) hosted by the NSS here.

International Astronomy and Astrophysics Contest– It’s an international contest of three rounds, held online for the first two rounds and with a fee of $8 to qualify for the pre-final round. Participants have the opportunity to win certificates and cash prizes.

A Beamline for Schools– With a team, design an experiment you would like to perform at a particle accelerator! The top two teams from around the world will be invited to CERN to run their experiment on a real beamline.